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Here I go… July 20, 2011

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Dear Friends, Family, and anyone else who may stumble upon this,

I have been considering starting a blog for a while now because I love to share new ideas, recipes, and fun, creative things that I learn. I was hesitant to do it because I didn’t think too many people would actually be interested… but  I have been lovingly encouraged to do it. (and I think there was some divine intervention involved…)

Anyway, I have chosen the name Love Painting Rainbows because (well, first of all, just “Painting Rainbows” was already taken) I love to paint and rainbows are representative of Heaven to me. Seeing a rainbow reminds me to be love and happy. I love to be creative and I love color and I love to love! So, there you have it.

I also hope that doing this will help me to be a little more intentional with my days. Feel free to give me advice and to share your wisdom with me, or just share your similar experiences. May we all find a life worth living together!

Here I go…

Love, Alisha


8 Responses to “Here I go…”

  1. Piper Says:

    I think its awesome you are doing this 🙂 I have considered doing one before too! I just recently started a fundraiser and that has been what has encouraged me to be “intentional with my days” I look forward to reading your stuff in the future!

    God Bless – Piper

  2. Cammie Says:

    I’ve tried to blog before. My best advice is: don’t force it, but don’t forget it. If you nothing nice/good/intentional to say, don’t say anything at all, but remember that what you find silly and meaningless might be important to someone else.
    My problem with blogging has been that I think I convince myself each blog has to be a novella…that just isn’t true! Stick with it…I’ll read 🙂

  3. Yeah, Alisha,

    It’s undoubtedly better to do something that you think you might like, and others might like too, even if it isn’t a smashing success, than to later wish you had actually done it.

    More than a dozen years ago I started a modest newsletter as a way to express some things I thought were worth saying, even if most others might think they weren’t worth hearing. But I enjoyed doing it; it helped me discover more about the things I wrote about and helped improve my grammar, syntax, and punctuation, a bit.

    So, I guess what I’m getting to, is that it’s often a beautiful thing to just do what you want. Maybe even God is even nudging you to do as much, which may be more obvious later.

    Peace be with you,

  4. Cassi Says:

    I love this! And I love that you said “lovingly encouraged”. I can tell you from my point of view that there was also Divine Intervention on my end!! I can’t wait to read all you have to say!

  5. Rick Schrag Says:

    This is Dad, we love you very much and look forward to what you have to share and are excited to read whatever you post as we know that God is leading you and that it will be something positive that will be an encouragement to all.

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