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How It All Began… August 15, 2011

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If you haven’t noticed yet, a lot of my posts are going to be about different health and nutritional facts that I have learned. ‘Why’ you ask? Well, I have decided to tell you why. Mostly so you know that sharing all of this stuff comes from a place in my heart. I am deeply connected to it all because it has transformed my body and my life! Don’t worry, I’ll give you the short version. 😉

Ever since I can remember I was a sickly person (mostly b/c of an incident that occurred when I was born and the medications broke down my immune system). I got colds often, strep throat often, had debilitating allergies, and digestion problems. I was almost always on some sort of pill or medication. Nothing ever solved any of the problems. Never. I even had a doctor tell me that I was “just going to have to live with it”. Talk about disappointing. This might all sound petty, but after 18ish years it gets REALLY old.

Well, one day at age 19 I met some really lovely people who had experience in healing through muscle and energy testing and nutrition (a.k.a. food). They asked if I would like them to try to help me with my issues. I said “Sure! Why not?”. Almost instantly I began noticing changes. Good changes… some a little challenging, but that’s what cleansing does. Basically I started taking some supplements to heal and cleanse my body of all the toxins it was holding and changed my diet. I also started drinking a gallon of water each day. And boy did I cleanse… I had (warning: this may be TMI) diarrhea for almost two weeks! But it actually wasn’t painful, just… different. I also had rashes all over for about a month or so. It was how my body dumped out all the bad stuff. I immediately got more energy, slept better, and lost weight. It was so invigorating! I was getting a brand new and improved body! I switched to a more holistic approach and it is working better than anything else I have tried. Not to say there isn’t a time and place for modern-day medicine… but on a daily living basis, I much prefer this way.

I also have to say that over the last 5 or so years I have realized that the power of the mind is crucial to everything. If I begin to focus on the negative side of something my healing slows way down or stops, or I just feel awful. But, if I keep positive and live intentional towards healing and wellness I feel great! And it’s noticeable in my face too. Our minds, our spirits, The Spirit is so powerful and when we turn inwards and embrace it our physical bodies are untouchable to corruption!

So, that is my little story. I hope that you enjoyed it. If you ever have questions about problems you are experiencing and would like to see I have had any experience with it (I also was blessed to work for an awesomely informative boss at Whole Foods) I would love to try to help you. But, first remember that many answers are inside of you if you just open yourself to it. It is a daily struggle for me, I must admit, but that’s ok because It is always there waiting. Create your happiness with the power of your mind and search for your needs!

May your body, mind and spirit be blessed.

Love, Alisha

Thankful for my wonderful, supportive soul-mate and our little gift we couldn't have had without my amazing transformation


4 Responses to “How It All Began…”

  1. Cassi Says:

    You are so inspiring and beautiful, Alisha! Do you still take supplements and drink a gallon of water every day?

    • Thanks, Cassie… so are you! I do take a multi-vit/ prenatal since I still nurse along with a mineral supplement 3x a week. I also try to take moringa every day which is a super food from a tree in India and it is truly super! It’s a green powder and I just put it in a smoothie. You can order it from at the best price around. And I do typically drink a gallon of water a day… 3qts at least. Once you get in the habit it’s hard to stop! And it is so very good for your body. Upping your water intake alone can make a huge difference!

  2. Cammie Says:

    What brand multi and mineral supplement do you use? My dad just got into Moringa and he loves it, too. I *think* he drinks his in water; I’ll suggest the smoothie!

    • Awesome! Yeah, I’ve tried it with the water, but it was really hard for me to get down… It’s not the most wonderful tasting powder, but I can’t even tell when it’s in the smoothie! Really, the moringa is the perfect multi, but there are a couple different brands of multis that I like. One I got from my midwife and I think you can get online. The brand is Whole-istic and it’s a multi-vitamin and mineral. The other is Nature Sunshine’s prenatal. I always tell women of all ages that a prenatal is the best for a woman just b/c it’s so high in B vitamins and other things that women especially need. You have to find a Nature Sunshine seller or order online. But I think 1tsp of moringa is the equivalent of a good vitamin.

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