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Some of My Favorites August 31, 2011

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I was just looking at some of my empty bottles of soaps and whatnot thinking about what I need more of, when I decided to maybe try a new something. Then I got overwhelmed. There are so many products out there!! Even in the “health” world… how the heck do you know which one to pick?? How do you know if it works well, or if the company really is helping the environment?! So, I have decided to help some of you (if this does even help you) by sharing with you things I use/ have used that are my favorites and why! Yes, yes, I knew you would be excited. 😉 I would also love to know what you use!

1. Dr. Bronner’s Soap: I love this stuff! It is so versatile! It comes in liquid and bar form and they make all kinds of other items (lotion, salve, balms…). They are very environmentally friendly, fair trade, and one of the safest soaps I know of. I use the Baby-Mild for the wipes I make, Lavender for shampoo, body wash, or cleaning baby toys, Eucalyptus in my home-made laundry detergent, Peppermint to clean floors, and they come in tons of other scents! It’s great for all kinds of skin problems also. Check out the link I attached for more great info.!

2. Kiss My Face olive oil bar soap: They make a lot of other stuff (I also like their aloe vera toothpaste) but I love using their bars of soap for my face wash. The ingredients are super simple and feel great on my skin! Olive oil is the base, some with aloe vera and some with honey, as well as different essential oils, depending on the scent you get (or scent-less).



3. Tom’s of Maine toothpaste: I have had great results with their baking soda, propolis, and myrrh toothpaste (make sure to get fluoride free!). They have a great reputation too, very clean company. Great flavors too! (Cinnamint is sooo good)

4. Jason’s deodorant: This company also makes so many different things, but I really like their deodorant, especially the lavender. They have lot’s of options.

5. Burt’s Bees lotion: I LOVE their milk and honey lotion. I have used it for probably 5 years now. I even use it on my face. It is so light and soft and smells yummy! I also really like their baby products. Their diaper ointment takes Mathias’ rashes away so fast! And their baby powder is great and really gentle on the bum (no talc). Not to mention the smell is so cuddly! And I’m obsessed with their chapstick.

6. Lilly of the Desert conditioner: They too make a lot of different products, but I love love love their aloe vera conditioner with lemon and rosemary. It has helped my hair SO much. And I know 3 other people who have had great results from this too. I haven’t tried the shampoo yet, but I might do that. They also make really great aloe vera gels and juices that are really clean.

7. LifeTree cleaning products: I really like these cleaning products for around the house. They are super safe (for family and environment) and still do a great job. They are highly concentrated so it lasts a bit longer. Most warnings on the labels say that if swallowed “drink lots of water” and consult a physician. That’s pretty amazing.

So, those are the main ones I could think of right now. These should be available at your local health stores, or I’ve learned that many times they are cheaper online. If there are a lot of other people you know who like to use these or similar products, you can team up and start a co-op through Frontier They have HUNDREDS of products and are really awesome! I hope this was helpful to you. If you would like to know what other products I like or use/ have used just ask me and I’d love to share! Working at Whole Foods, I got to sample A LOT of products. What products do you love to use?? Please share! 🙂

Have a great day!

Love, Alisha


3 Responses to “Some of My Favorites”

  1. Cammie Says:

    Dr. Bronners for pretty much everything. One of my old friends used Bronners for toothpaste…haven’t gotten around to trying it yet. Maybe tonight! Have you ever tried that?

  2. Cammie Says:

    Another tip: wet a fluffy washcloth with a very warm water and Bronners peppermint solution. Lie down in Savasana and place on your face…deep breaths until the cloth has cooled.

    • Whoa, I have not tried the toothpaste thing. Let me know if you do! The washcloth thing sounds great! I will have to try it. I just recently learned how versatile it really is through an interesting documentary called Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap Box. He was a really interesting man. Anyway, thanks for the tips!

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