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My Brother October 13, 2011

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So, I have not posted on here for quite awhile. I think I was waiting for inspiration to smack me in the face. (That and I am some what of a procrastinator.) Well, I don’t know if you can say that I was “inspired”, but I decided to write a little something for my brother as he begins a new stage in his life. And, he is an inspirational person. 🙂

This is Preston.

Preston is my favorite brother (not to mention my only brother). He is 21 years old and about to move to Louisiana. Why? To become a stunt man! Yeah, that’s right, like in the MOVIES!!!

See? Superstar already.

He just got back from stunt boot camp a few weeks ago and has already been offered two jobs! He took one of them and will be moving down at the end of October. Guess who he’ll be working with?? Will Ferrell! I can’t remember what the movie is called though. My family and I are so proud of him and happy that he is chasing and catching his dreams.

With Ben and I last Christmas

He is a great brother, son, uncle, friend, and young man. I know he will do great and have a great time doing what he loves (jumping off of buildings, getting set on fire, hit by cars, shot, and fake fighting).

Uncle and Mathias

we had a little photo shoot so he could have pictures to take with him

Preston, we know you are awesome and you will be awesome! We’re so excited for you! Don’t forget us when you get all cool and famous and stuff. (:

Love, Alisha and family








3 Responses to “My Brother”

  1. Cassi Says:

    I was just wondering today about your next blog post! I was cleaning the kitchen and wondering what amazing things you use to clean with! 🙂

    Big time congrats to Preston! Not only is that so cool for him, but it’s wonderful that he is pursuing his dreams. Will he stay in Louisiana? Or will he move around some? That’s such a great opportunity!

  2. Haha, actually I just recently started cleaning hard stains with baking soda and white vinegar and it is AMAZING! It gets the bathroom SO clean. Or the kitchen sink…

    Preston said that the movie industry is really big in Louisiana right now (it’s where all the Twilight movies were filmed), but he will probably eventually move to L.A. I’m guessing he’ll be moved around a lot. It’s pretty awesome!

  3. Cassi Says:

    AWESOME. We have this stain on our toilet that I have been cleaning like a mad woman since we moved in! Thanks for sharing that with me 🙂

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