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1 year of Mathias Eden October 18, 2011

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Today is a tad bittersweet. My firstborn child, my first son, my baby turned 1 year today. This is so amazing because it seems as though it went by faster than any other year of my life. And, we were not planning on having a baby this early in our lives, so saying we have a 1 year old makes me feel older than I am.

However, Mathias is a complete blessing. A perfect example of God’s love. He teaches us the love of God, how to be soft and patient, how to watch our own actions and words, and how to smile with our hearts. He does all of this and doesn’t even know it.

It’s also hard to believe I gave birth one year ago. Now that I am a mother and am experiencing my child’s birthday, I am realizing that all these years I should have been giving my mom all the presents! She went through the 9 months of carrying a growing life, and hours of labor (done naturally, as did I) so that I could enter the world. What the heck was I getting the presents for?? (But, I will still take them if you want to give them ;))

At birth, Mathias taught me perseverance and that I am a strong woman whose Creator loves and has made amazing.










At one month I was trying to stay alive. He finally started sleeping through the night completely and I was learning to have a routine.

At two months I was getting out much more and enjoying watching his eyes watch mine.










At 3 months he was awake more. I remember thinking, “What am I supposed to do with him?”. He just wanted to take in the world. (from a “big person” seat too… always more content on the couch or recliner)

At 4 months he started to hold his head up to see his toys and play. It was fun seeing him do something other than lie around and be cute. And, he got to go on a rock climbing trip with his Poppa and Mama and friends.









At 5 months his personality was becoming more noticeable.








At 6 months he was making us laugh.

At 7 months he knew he was cute! Sitting up so well and playing with his toys.

At 8 months he knew how to put on a show. He started scooting around and was (is) happiest outside.

At 9 months he got his first hair cut— from Poppa! He loved his jumper! Until it broke while he was in it…












At 10 months he was walking back and forth from the furniture to mom and dad and smiling big cheesy grins.

At 11 months he became a cruiser! I had to baby-proof way earlier than I was expecting. He loves getting around like a big boy!

Now, as an official 1 year old, he is keeping us busy playing, teaching, learning, loving, laughing, and being awesome. We are excited to be on this adventure and to see what each day holds. As far as when will we have another one? DON’T even THINK about asking!! 🙂 Someday.

Love, Alisha



2 Responses to “1 year of Mathias Eden”

  1. Tonya Says:

    what a wonderful experience to have shared w/ you and ben! thanks for including me in your 1st birth as a support partner! i love you three and hope i have the opportunity to be at more of your future births! (yes, i am a birth junkie!)

    God has blessed you so abundantly with mathias and i know he will continue to bless you continuously…(both God and mathias) 🙂

    love to you all,

  2. Cassi Says:

    I love the month by month pictures. How adorable! It’s truly amazing how much more your child teaches you than you ever dreamed. Hope you all have a good time with his first birthday and in his second year of life!!

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