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“Juice Feast”: Day 5 March 6, 2012

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Well, I have been feeling pretty great, but today has been difficult as far as cravings go. I have been wanting weird things that I haven’t eaten in years, and didn’t even necessarily like either. Like, school lunch chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes. Gross. I did some research on this because I am a curious cat and want to know what this means. Your body stores toxins in fat, so while you fast you are burning fat and the toxins are released into the bloodstream. The toxins could be from addictive substances that are found in food we used to eat and we associate the feeling of the substance with a food we ate containing the substance. Amazing, huh?

My yummy apple blueberry juice!

We also decided to do this “juice feast” for more than just our physical health, but for our mental and spiritual health too. We have done 1 to 3 day fasts before, and something we always gain from it is appreciation and gratitude for our food. It is so easy to forget that we are blessed to have such easy access to so much food and that we can eat as soon as we are hungry. We get used to expecting food and relying on it for our emotional well-being.

I love having dinner with family and friends and enjoying really wonderful food with people. That always makes me “feel better” no matter what mood I start out in, and I think that is a great thing. But, I also think there is a balance between eating to “feel better” and enjoying food for what it is and being grateful. I, too, am guilty of almost always rushing to get the food done and then eating while doing other things (especially as a mom). This week has been a time to realize that food is a blessing to our bodies and minds and to not take it for granted.

We are learning so many other things too, like being present, and being strong in our minds. Like tonight, we have a friend staying a couple of nights with us and I made him the yummiest smelling italian food and an incredible dessert that I’ve never done before. Every time I got something on my fingers from preparing the food it was all I could do not to lick it off my hands. I just held my face over the sauteing onions, garlic, and mushrooms and inhaled the glorious aroma. We watched him eat it as we drank our juice. It was rough and challenging, but so awesome because we grew a little stronger in our self-control.

Our minds are also growing in our thoughts towards health and food and we are really excited about it, but I will save all of that for another post.

Another bonus of a fast is how incredibly amazing good food tastes after a time of not eating. I can’t wait for that moment! 🙂

Love, Alisha


A Time of Cleansing March 4, 2012

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Isn’t this a beautiful sight?

Well, this stock of fruit isn’t just because we love fruit so much (although we do). We (Ben and I) have decided that our bodies need a reboot, a cleanse, a “spring cleaning”. And, we’re doing it through a juice fast (and juicing our own fruit with a juicer). There is a TON of research, theories, and opinions out there on this subject. We have read a lot of stuff, and are lucky enough to have a couple of new, inspiring friends who are very experienced with juice fasting. They are currently on day 20 something and 30 something of their fasts! And the “stuff” their bodies have eliminated is definitely something to make you want to crawl out of your skin!

No, we are not going for that many days. I don’t think our bodies could handle that at this point. They have been raw and vegan for a while and are used to such things more than we are. We actually had a friend muscle test to see how long would be optimal for our bodies without hurting us. I am doing it for 6 days and Ben is doing it for 9. Sounds like random numbers, but most cleanses naturally happen in threes and sevens. The cells in your intestines are new every 3 days!

My first juice of the cleanse. Apple, orange, and grapefruit. Yum!

If you know us, you might be thinking, “You guys talk about your lives as if you eat so well and are so healthy, why would you need to do a cleanse?”.

First of all, we have not been living the way we do for our whole lives, nor have we eaten “perfectly” during our health discovering days. There are SO many elements that contribute to “health problems”. The main one being our diet. Everything we eat has an effect on our body, and it is the primary way we gain nutrients. Emotional and environmental well-being also plays a role, as well as the things we put on our bodies, and the list goes on. All of this, even from the time we are in the womb, can be stored in our bodies if we don’t give them the chance to come out. We have done some cleansing before, but we are feeling like it is time to do it again.

Why a juice fast? There are so very many forms of cleansing, but after talking to our friends and reading things, as well as watching the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (click on this to watch it free on Hulu, or visit their website). At this point in our journey we are trying to clear out our digestive tract and give our organs the opportunity to flush out toxins. This can only happen by giving the digestive tract a break from digesting and allowing it to absorb only nutrients so that the body can push out the toxins and any waste that may be stuck in the GI tract. When you juice, your body can skip all the intestinal work and just absorb, and the saved energy goes to the cleanse. We are only juicing fruit right now because it is a “cleanser” and vegetables are more “bulk” building. However, every body is at a different point in its health and needs to approach cleansing in most beneficial way for them. We are still learning so much, so as we go on this fast I will keep sharing what I learn, and hopefully I will get to post a “guest post” from one of our friends. You can check out one of their (Ken’s) blogs called Sambodha Life and Wellness here. 

Remember, when cleansing you will experience some not-so-pleasant side effects because the toxins are trying to leave your body. So far, I have experienced rashes, tight muscles, sleepiness, and both Ben and I have sneezed off and on and had really runny noses. Many people will experience diarrhea as well. It’s not awful because we know our bodies are getting clean and that’s really encouraging.

There is a ton to get into with juicing, but I am going to try to stretch it out in a few blogs through the fast. We are on day 3 and doing pretty great! Every time we’re hungry we just juice a bunch of fruit and it’s very satisfying. Our friend, Ken, said to think of it as a “Juice Feast” which is awesome and has helped our mentality tons!

Remember to always educate yourself on something before jumping right in and doing something because someone else is doing it. It might be the right time for you to do exactly what we’re doing, or you might need to try something a little different.

Also remember, you and your mind are SO strong and you are capable of amazing things! The human body is so awesome! Hopefully the rest of my posts are this positive 🙂

Love, Alisha