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11/11/11: Thoughts on Wonder and Veteran’s Day November 11, 2011

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I love today because it is all elevens. My wonderful friends and I are having a fun, magical-filled day that we are creating. I love having friends that love to be imaginative and creative in childlike ways. I highly recommend remembering how to do this. It creates such simple, happy, fun-loving spirit. It has been so awesome already. Now that it’s nap time I decided to have some peaceful computer time.

I also realized, after checking my Facebook, that today is Veteran’s Day. There are lots of quotes and pictures and experiences being posted and this got me to thinking.

I grew up respecting and being thankful for and to the people who have gone to wars and battles in the name of freedom, and I still do respect them. To believe in something so strongly you are willing to die for it— that is a bold and amazing thing.

But, I have been thinking about “freedom” lately. Where does freedom come from? How is one free? What makes us not free? Our minds make us not free. When we allow someone to have power over us, to create bondage over us, we lose our freedom. I had an “enlightened” moment yesterday (some of you may have read it on Facebook) and I want to share it again:

“Freedom is a state of mind. Don’t let anyone make you think otherwise. You ARE free. God didn’t create bondage, humans did.”

We are beings created to love and be loved. THAT is freedom to me. We are free when we love each other. When we love each other with that deep, tender, nurturing, chest-aching love. Even when we give that love to someone who isn’t giving it back. That is STILL freedom! It feels to me that we have let borders, wars, violence, and “powerful people” define whether or not we are free. And we have believed it.

I don’t know about you, but I am ready to believe that I AM free and start living as that. I am going to do whatever The Spirit moves me to do because God is my king, Love is my master, and Heaven is the kingdom I am living in. This may be vocabulary you do not identify with, but I hope that you understand my point. We are creating bondage and boundaries around ourselves every time we let someone else tell us we are in bondage to them. And you know what? It is all in your head. It is only true because you believe it! When we believe we are free and start loving freely, lives will be changed. Life will change.

I know this may seem a naive way of thinking when attributing it to things such as governments, countries, and war. But, think about it. If we would deeply love everyone we come into contact with, we would quickly and significantly change the whole world.

I’m not trying to be a hippie, a religious side-taker, new ager, or anything else with a stereotype. I just want to be real. A real human with a soul and who loves in the way that God loves all.

I hope this “magical day” is bringing you wonder-filled blessings!




Ode on October November 1, 2011

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Once again, it has been awhile since I last posted on here. Was procrastination part of it? Yes. However, October was a very busy month for us. So, I am writing a little summery of all that it held for us.

To begin, it was the month of my friend and sister-in-law’s wedding. I was given the honor to be one of her maidens and so I had much to do in preparation. We had so much fun, though, making flower arrangements, partying last bachelorette days, and wearing pretty dresses while feasting and dancing in the beautiful room we spent hours preparing. It turned out to be the fairytale wedding she had hoped. (Thank goodness!) (:

Also, there were several birthdays to celebrate. My habibi, Ben, turned 26. Our good friend Sam turned 26 as well, and our very good friend David turned the big 3-0. We had a wonderful/fantastical celebration for the trio. And, my baby boy, my first born, Mathias turned one.

It seems like so much more has happened, but all that is coming to mind is park playing, fall feasting, pumpkin pastries, easy evenings, and fun fellowshipping. I’ll take that! Sounds great to me. And, we’re in my favorite season with all sorts of holiday festivities in the near future.

Here are some pictures to sum up the busy month. Enjoy!

Love, Alisha

Jenny's Maidensthe newlyweds, Brandon and Jenny

the cake I made with Meringue Mushrooms!!!

Birthday Boy!Birthday Boysgatherings and games

more gatherings and games with beautiful friends


1 year of Mathias Eden October 18, 2011

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Today is a tad bittersweet. My firstborn child, my first son, my baby turned 1 year today. This is so amazing because it seems as though it went by faster than any other year of my life. And, we were not planning on having a baby this early in our lives, so saying we have a 1 year old makes me feel older than I am.

However, Mathias is a complete blessing. A perfect example of God’s love. He teaches us the love of God, how to be soft and patient, how to watch our own actions and words, and how to smile with our hearts. He does all of this and doesn’t even know it.

It’s also hard to believe I gave birth one year ago. Now that I am a mother and am experiencing my child’s birthday, I am realizing that all these years I should have been giving my mom all the presents! She went through the 9 months of carrying a growing life, and hours of labor (done naturally, as did I) so that I could enter the world. What the heck was I getting the presents for?? (But, I will still take them if you want to give them ;))

At birth, Mathias taught me perseverance and that I am a strong woman whose Creator loves and has made amazing.










At one month I was trying to stay alive. He finally started sleeping through the night completely and I was learning to have a routine.

At two months I was getting out much more and enjoying watching his eyes watch mine.










At 3 months he was awake more. I remember thinking, “What am I supposed to do with him?”. He just wanted to take in the world. (from a “big person” seat too… always more content on the couch or recliner)

At 4 months he started to hold his head up to see his toys and play. It was fun seeing him do something other than lie around and be cute. And, he got to go on a rock climbing trip with his Poppa and Mama and friends.









At 5 months his personality was becoming more noticeable.








At 6 months he was making us laugh.

At 7 months he knew he was cute! Sitting up so well and playing with his toys.

At 8 months he knew how to put on a show. He started scooting around and was (is) happiest outside.

At 9 months he got his first hair cut— from Poppa! He loved his jumper! Until it broke while he was in it…












At 10 months he was walking back and forth from the furniture to mom and dad and smiling big cheesy grins.

At 11 months he became a cruiser! I had to baby-proof way earlier than I was expecting. He loves getting around like a big boy!

Now, as an official 1 year old, he is keeping us busy playing, teaching, learning, loving, laughing, and being awesome. We are excited to be on this adventure and to see what each day holds. As far as when will we have another one? DON’T even THINK about asking!! 🙂 Someday.

Love, Alisha



Monday Munchies October 17, 2011

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I have been wanting to start a food day blog where I share recipes, but my procrastination has gotten the best of me once again. And I was waiting for the perfect alliteration to hit me. Then, while sitting here on this glorious Autumn morning, sipping my hot chai tea, listening to the Fleet Foxes (if you have never heard of them, you must check them out here; they are one of my “soul’s music”) “Monday Munchies” smacked me in the face with all of its Autumn-day-inspired glory.

I have been looking for the perfect pizza crust recipe for a while now. One that doesn’t require yeast (because I try to avoid yeast, and I am lazy). I have a pretty good recipe that is basically flour, oil, and milk that works well, but it just doesn’t cut it when you want that really good slightly crispy, slightly doughy texture. Then… it happened. On accident. A wonderful accident. It was SO so so good. The crust was perfect, and I used the pizza sauce that I canned a couple of months ago. I of course didn’t get a picture because it was so good we just ate it all up before I thought to. But, I will try to get it next time. However, I have put a picture up of the one that came from a recipe that inspired mine.

It is a soaked crust, which means you soak it for 7-12 hours using a fermented product such as buttermilk, yogurt, kefir, or whey, and water. This helps to start breaking down the flour so that it is easy for your body to digest. It works great and we do it for pretty much all of our flour products like oatmeal, waffles, pancakes, or bread. Check out my food bible Nourishing Traditions for more awesomeness like this!

Check out the blog where I found this and lots of other cool stuff!

Soaked Pizza Crust

1c. Spelt Flour (or Whole Wheat Flour)

1/2c. Flaxseed Meal

1c. Water

2T. Kefir (or buttermilk, yogurt, or whey)

Mix all of these together, cover, and leave set out for 7-12 hours.

Preheat oven to 375*F, then add the following:

3/4t. Baking Powder

1/2t. Sea Salt

1 1/2oz. Olive Oil

1/3c. Milk

Mix well. This should be the consistency of a thick, ball of dough that you can work with your hands now. Use as much extra flour as needed to knead the dough without it sticking to you. Knead for about a minute. Roll out onto floured pizza stone, or baking pan. Roll out over edges and then fold the edges over for crust (optional). Bake for 20min. and then poke holes all over with a fork (to release the air) and bake for another 10min.

Throw on your toppings and bake/broil until cheese is perfectly melted!

I hope you enjoy this as much as we did! Enjoy these beautiful Autumn days while we still have them!

Love, Alisha


My Brother October 13, 2011

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So, I have not posted on here for quite awhile. I think I was waiting for inspiration to smack me in the face. (That and I am some what of a procrastinator.) Well, I don’t know if you can say that I was “inspired”, but I decided to write a little something for my brother as he begins a new stage in his life. And, he is an inspirational person. 🙂

This is Preston.

Preston is my favorite brother (not to mention my only brother). He is 21 years old and about to move to Louisiana. Why? To become a stunt man! Yeah, that’s right, like in the MOVIES!!!

See? Superstar already.

He just got back from stunt boot camp a few weeks ago and has already been offered two jobs! He took one of them and will be moving down at the end of October. Guess who he’ll be working with?? Will Ferrell! I can’t remember what the movie is called though. My family and I are so proud of him and happy that he is chasing and catching his dreams.

With Ben and I last Christmas

He is a great brother, son, uncle, friend, and young man. I know he will do great and have a great time doing what he loves (jumping off of buildings, getting set on fire, hit by cars, shot, and fake fighting).

Uncle and Mathias

we had a little photo shoot so he could have pictures to take with him

Preston, we know you are awesome and you will be awesome! We’re so excited for you! Don’t forget us when you get all cool and famous and stuff. (:

Love, Alisha and family








A Journey in Fasting— Love Wins September 23, 2011

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So today I had an experience with fasting. I have fasted several times in my life and for up to 3 days at a time (nothing compared to others). Usually it is for health reasons/cleansing and ends up having a little bit of a spiritual experience. However, today was because of a very odd and kind of embarrassing reason… A few days ago I was eating a really REALLY crispy piece of toast. So crispy, if fact, that as it crumbled in my mouth little pieces got under my tongue and cut up the tissue just below my teeth and to the back. It actually hurt really bad, but I thought nothing of it. Then, as each day went by, I noticed my mouth getting more sore until my right gland in my throat was swollen and it hurt to swallow. All because of a piece of toast… lame.

Well, it wasn’t healing and getting better because (amazingly enough) I keep eating! So, I did a short fast to let it heal. 15 hours (8 hours were sleeping). Then, after eating again… it still hurt. So I fasted for a mere 4 more hours. However, both times of fasting were incredibly challenging for me. I kept thinking, “I have a nursing baby! And he woke me up three times last night! [very out-of-the-norm… teething] I DESERVE food!!”. Then my thoughts proceeded as follows:

“I am so hungry. Oh my gosh I just want to eat. Oh, eggs and cheese and leftover pancakes, and milk, and honey and yogurt and bananas, and a smoothie sound SO good. I am so hungry. And tired. My stomach is growling. This sucks. I hate this. I NEED food. But I want my mouth to stop hurting. I’m so hungry.”

Ok, so now you get to see how pathetic I am sometimes. Well, all of a sudden the Spirit within me said, “STOP. You are ok. You are taken care of. Think of those who feel this EVERYDAY.” Whoa. I just read a very sad fact the other day that said every 4 seconds a child dies of hunger. (This story could totally go under my “Humble” post). Instantly my hunger pain was gone and replaced with a sick feeling. I am here having a pity party for myself over barely half  a day without food and plenty of “meat” on my bones and there are sweet little babes all over the world actually dying because they are hungry.

Not to put a damper on things, but this was a great realization for me to be thankful for what I have and even thankful for what I don’t have. Because I do not have starvation. I do not have a hungry, starving baby. I do not have a lack of food. I do not have to fight to live each day.

I also had a friend say to me today, “There is a lack because we say there is a lack.” The more I thought about this the more it makes sense. We are creating our own realities everyday. Fear is driving us. Don’t let it! People, belief is so much more powerful than we realize sometimes. Start living as though there is enough, and there will be. Just try it. What a more peaceful and loving life that would create. Fear is the root of our suffering. Don’t let it win. It can’t win. Because, LOVE WINS. Every time. Period.

Love, Alisha


A Journey in Humility September 17, 2011

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Being humbled seems to be a theme for my life right now. I keep finding myself upset or frustrated, or just plain pissed off at someone or something only to soon after be humbled. And humbled HARD. Like knocked down onto my butt humbled. Which is a good thing because the “bruised butt” makes sure that I don’t forget for awhile.

It’s so easy to be consumed by negativity sometimes… I guess because the frustration builds up and it just feels so good to “vent” out those bottled feelings. Cutting down always makes us feel better… (at the time anyways). Thankfully God has placed some really awesome people and circumstances in my life to keep me accountable to good thoughts and words. I had a friend the other day remind me while I was listing off my frustrations about someone that this someone admires my good qualities even though I don’t “feel the love” sometimes. Boom, knocked on my butt. Wow, I can be such a jerk sometimes… (sorry if any of you reading this have experienced my “jerkiness”). This friend said the most simple, honest, and loving thing she knew to be true and my entire spirit changed right then and there.

These instances have happened like five times in the last week. Not that I’m constantly griping… but when I start feeling strong negativity towards some thing/one I soon after am divinely reminded that those thoughts are not my true self. I turn in towards The Spirit and am humbled. Learning to overcome pride is one of the hardest things to learn, but so wonderful. I am so glad that I am learning this right now in my life. It makes life more peaceful and enjoyable.

Here’s one of my favorite verses/songs fitting for this:

He has shown thee, oh man, what is good and what the Lord requires of thee. But to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God. ~Micah 6:8

And a few other quotes that are healing to my mind and spirit:

Do you wish to rise? Begin by descending. You plan a tower that will pierce the clouds? Lay first the foundation of humility. ~Saint Augustine

Humility is not cowardice. Meekness is not weakness. Humility and meekness are indeed spiritual powers. ~Swami Sivananda

Humility is nothing else but a right judgment of ourselves. ~William Law

Humility, that low, sweet root, from which all heavenly virtues shoot. ~Thomas Moore

I claim to be a simple individual liable to err like any other fellow mortal. I own, however, that I have humility enough to confess my errors and to retrace my steps. ~Gandhi

We all mess up… but lets all fix it when we do and work to not mess up so much. I hope this was water for your spirit today. May we be full of humility enough to love each other through all of our weak spots.

Love, Alisha